Session 2

Self Expression at A&C: Campers Report!

Does it really get any better than summer camp? Our campers seem to think not! Having started their second week of Sessions 2 and 2a, Tawongans old and new to the community are having an absolute blast. 

At this point in the sessions, half of our units have gone backpacking or car camping in Yosemite National Park or Stanislaus National Forest, an unforgettable experience of connecting with nature and bunkmates. 

Back at Camp, campers have been enjoying classic activities like s’mores and campfires, afternoon Floats, along with Chugim and Livnot — a series of interest-based elective blocks. 

All of our programming links back to our mission, and one spot at Camp particularly fosters one of the mission’s tenets, of fostering positive self–esteem: Arts and Crafts! Embracing creative expression is not only relaxing for campers on a hot summer day, artistic exploration is also an important part of identity building. We emphasize the creative process over the end product — still, all camper artwork is beautiful!

“It’s so fun to see all the individual expressions,” our A&C staff member shared yesterday. “No two expressions are ever the same.” 

A&C offers a variety of activities, from jewelry making to wheel throwing and copper enamel to watercoloring and upcycling clothing with embroidery and patches — the list is endless. It doesn’t get more summer camp than friendship bracelets, rainbow tie-dye and wood burning by harnessing the sunlight through glass.

The A&C building itself is an artistic oasis. The walls are lined in quirky art that spans decades and a variety of artistic styles — from colorful spirals to figure drawings and landscapes. The wooden tables are decorated with paint splatters and memories of artistic journeys from past summers, with fresh ink from this summer’s experimentations! The large deck has seen many a dance party, silent disco and tie-dye gathering. It’s a comfortable place to feel at home in one’s self and explore creativity! 

Here’s what the word is about A&C around Camp! 

  • “I love A&C! It brings out my creative side.” – Sadie K. in G-9
  • “I didn’t think I would like A&C because I don’t like art, but this is actually really cool!” – Ethan in B-5 
  • “I really enjoy working at A&C as a Specialist in Training because we listen to amazing music, and the staff are so energetic and kind.” – Ella D. in the SCIT program 

Enjoy some shots of campers’ creations below, along with some Shabbat pics and other happenings around camp!