Introducing Session III Bunks!

Tawonga campers are all smiles on this first official day of Session III!


Bunks are settling in smoothly, and the campers are getting to know one another and their counselors. The epic bonding that takes place at the bunk level is central to creating a cooperative community at Tawonga. This is why we follow a group-centered approach at Camp, in which campers spend the vast majority of their time together, supporting each other, contributing to the bunk unit and having a ton of fun.


This morning, campers had an opportunity to check out all of the different activities and programs offered at Tawonga that they will be participating in over the next three weeks, from Arts & Crafts to the Farm & Garden to the pool, lake and more! Then, this afternoon during Cabin Floats, bunks will decide together what activities to explore. We find that Cabin Floats are a great way for bunks to build community and have a sense of freedom to make decisions as a group.


And now, without further ado, meet the bunks of Session III! Later tonight, we’ll be posting again with more photos from our home away from home!