Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom from Camp Tawonga! Tonight the Dining Hall was filled with energy, warmth and love as we celebrated Shabbat together as one big community. After saying the blessings and eating a delicious meal, Tawonga’s song leaders led us all in a joyous freilach, which is the Hebrew word for “happy” or “cheerful.” Imagine the most amazing song session you’ve ever experienced and multiply it by ten!

While every freilach feels special tonight was particularly remarkable as we all had the great honor and privilege to welcome guest song leader Rick Recht to the Dining Hall! Rick, whose song The Hope is sung at Jewish summer camps and youth groups all over the country, played alongside our song leaders and gave tonight’s freilach a little extra magic. How cool that we got to sing along with a real life Jewish rockstar!

Everyone in the Dining Hall danced around, jumping, laughing and singing. After freilach each unit transitioned into a mellow, reflective tone and participated in their very own unique Kabalat Shabbat service. 

 Shabbat is perhaps one of the most joyful parts of the week- see for yourself in the photos below!