Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat at Camp feels particularly special– everyone dresses up in their nicest clothing, enjoys a beautifully prepared meal, and dances their hearts out during FreilachAfter Freilach, units gather for Kabbalat Shabbat services to welcome in the day of rest and close out the evening.


However, there are other reasons why Shabbat is so special here at Tawonga. There is an incredible presence of spirituality, kindness, and gratitude throughout Camp. Beginning with the Shabbat stroll, where everyone in the community walks through Camp holding our Torah and playing music, to the moments right before campers enter the Dining Hall, everyone literally and figuratively embraces each other for their whole, authentic selves. These moments can’t fully be described, and we’re so lucky to experience them every week at Tawonga. It’s these small acts of love and kindness that make Shabbat so special.


Enjoy the photos of tonight’s Shabbat, and stay tuned for a post tomorrow from our guest Rabbi, Mychal Copeland. Shabbat shalom!