S’mores and Smiles

The unit of Haifa has returned safely from their overnight backpacking trip just in time for an epic s’mores campfire! As kids sat together making s’mores, laughing and sharing their backpacking experiences, a girl from the bunk of G-7 shared:

I had so much fun with my bunk. I feel like we’re all so much closer now after we hiked and spent the night out in nature together.

The backpacking trip is an amazing opportunity for campers to immerse and challenge themselves in nature with their bunkmates, counselors and wilderness leaders. How special is it that we get to spend so much time in Yosemite National Park, in awe of the magic and wonder of the outdoors, while creating the kind of lasting bonds that only come from experiences in nature. The backpacking trip truly cements our Mission and Philosophy by informing a partnership with nature and creating a cooperative community.

Check out the pictures from this evening!