Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Alex Rendahl, Backpacking Supervisor

Camp Tawonga’s location here just outside Yosemite National Park gives us the amazing opportunity to show our campers the astonishing beauty of the park each and every session. Backpacking at Camp is a great way for cabins to really come together and bond, as well become closer with the nature around us. These amazing experiences are all facilitated by our gifted and caring Wilderness Staff. We decided to spotlight Alex Rendahl one of our Wilderness Supervisors this week. Alex has been a staff member at Camp for three years. He started out as a backpacking leader his first two summers and now is the supervisor of the program. When Alex is not working at Camp he recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz, Majoring in Physics. Enjoy our short interview with Alex about his experiences at Tawonga below!


Q: What brought you to Camp?


“My roommate at the time applied for Camp before me and recommended I do the same. We were very late in applying, so it was a rush to get all the proper certifications on time to be able to work that summer!”


Q: What is your favorite part of Camp?




Q: Have you taken any bunks out this summer?


“Just a couple, I led a trip for B-1 and also led a Bagel Run!”


Q: If you could go backpacking anywhere in the world where would you go?


“I would like to go to Argentina and Chilé to see Patagonia!”


Q: What is your favorite Camp Tawonga meal?


“Ice cream!”


Q: How do you think the Backpacking Trips affect the campers?


“The campers are able to thrive in an unstructured environment where they are able to interact with each other in a pure way. It is a great way for campers to bond and get to know each other in a new and challenging environment!”

And now, enjoy some photos from a great day at Tawonga!