Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Anya Schultz, Lead Cook

Anya Schultz has been on Tawonga’s summer staff for the last five summers, all of which have been in the Kitchen and the last two she has worked on the Kitchen Supervisor Team as a Lead Cook. Anya says, “I love camp because of the beautiful community that we have up here. I feel like I have made all my best memories at Camp.” Anya feels that working on Tawonga’s Kitchen Staff has made her fall in love with cooking even more than she already did.


Why did you return this summer as a lead cook?

“I came back to Camp to be a Lead Cook again because of how much fun I have had all these years at Camp. It’s a great place with beautiful people. I love to make good food with friends.”

What does your typical day in the kitchen look like?

“Occasionally I wake up around 3am in order to prep for breakfast. On those days I love to play some really good morning music and make sure the kitchen is ready for the day.”

What is your favorite part of working on Kitchen Staff?

“One of my favorite parts about working on ‘K-Staff’ is clearing dishes. The whole meal is pretty slow until we start to clear dishes — that’s when it gets very fast-paced and exciting.”

What is your favorite meal to cook?

“I would have to say my favorite meal to cook is the Shabbat dinner. It’s the most difficult meal to cook, but it’s the most rewarding when all the campers love it.”

Anya prepares amazing, healthy and sustainable meals for campers and staff – we’re grateful for you Anya!


Below are some pictures from activities at Camp today. We’re excited to welcome Shabbat tomorrow evening!