Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Dan Luchy, Programmer

We are very fortunate to have many passionate staff members at Camp who care deeply about giving the campers the best experiences possible. This week on the Staff Spotlight we are highlighting someone who has not only worked at Camp for three consecutive summers, but has also travels great distances every year to come back to his home-away-from-home. Dan Luchy, hailing from Chadera, Israel is a programmer as well as the Rosh Mishlachat this summer. His duties include being a liaison for all incoming Israeli shlichim, leading Israel based programming, as well as leading fun and exciting activities for campers. Luchy was a counselor in the past two summers and cherishes every moment at Camp. When he is not working at Tawonga, Luchy works as a DJ and in event production in Israel. Enjoy this short interview with Luchy about his time and experience at Camp!


Q: How did you hear about camp?


“I was looking to have the American summer camp experience so I found the shlichim program through the Jewish Agency for Israel. I was very lucky to come to Camp Tawonga since the selection process is mostly random!”


Q: What keeps bringing you back?


“The people and the community! I also like being able to have a nice change of pace from my regular job back in Israel!”


Q: Favorite memories from your time here?


“Meeting my first bunk during A Taste of Camp in 2015– after applying to come here it felt like all my preparation was finally paying off!


“Participating in the sweat lodge activity, too. It creates great bonding moments that I found to very spiritual.”


Q: What is your favorite program to lead?


“The Tawonga classics, like ‘ Getting Gnarly’ and the super creative blocks that allow me and the campers to come up with crazy activities and find deeper meaning in it. I led a super hero block where we trained to be a superhero, not in the general sense where they become strong but in the sense of attaining a superhero mentality.”


Q:Why do you think Camp Tawonga is an important place for kids to come?


“Tawonga is a great place for kids to come and be themselves in a very supportive and positive community. Anybody who comes here can find their place and feel comfortable and confident!”


Thank you Dan for being part of this community and for creating memorable moments for the kids!


Shabbat shalom! Enjoy photos from the day below.