Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Josh Benard, Counselor


Josh Benard- Counselor for B-6


Many of the staff here at Tawonga can boast that they are lifelong Tawongans. What makes Josh Benard different is that he has been coming to Camp since he was 3 months old. Josh first came to Tawonga during Family Camp with his parents. He later returned as a camper and has been coming back for eleven years. This is Josh’s first year on staff and he is working as a counselor for B-6 this session. When speaking to Josh about Camp you can really tell how passionate he is about Tawonga and all it represents. Check out what Josh had to say about his experiences as both a camper and staff in the short interview below.


What brings you back to Camp Tawonga year after year?

“The community and the people here. There is no other place like this in the world, the community is so caring and supportive!”


How are you liking your first year on staff?

“It’s even better than I thought it would be, being a counselor is tough but very rewarding. It’s amazing being able to be a role model and make a difference in my campers lives!”


What are most excited about Camp?

“Backpacking and really getting to bond with the campers in my bunk out in nature!”


What is your most spiritual moment at camp?

“Hanging out in the Shvitz with my bunk and jumping into the river at night to cool off!”


What is your favorite thing about camp?

“Eating dinner with my bunk and getting to learn about who they are and what they like!”


Today was the first Shabbat with campers this summer, check out the photos below: