Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Katie Plowright, Unit Head for Carmel

Here at Camp this summer we are so lucky to have so many gifted, passionate and dedicated members on staff. Every week we have the extremely difficult task of picking one of our staff members to spotlight as they all deserve it! For this week’s spotlight we chose to interview one of our amazing Unit Heads. Katie Plowright has been working at Camp Tawonga for four summers and through those four years she has worked in a variety of roles at camp including being a counselor for two summers, a CIT staff and now as a Unit Head (UH) for Summer 2017. Katie has been the UH for the our youngest unit of Carmel during Taste of Camp and Sessions II and IV, and spent time as the UH for the unit of Haifa for Session III this summer. Campers and staff in those units are very fortunate to have Katie as their leader as Katie puts all of her energy into making sure her staff are as prepared and supported as possible to provide their campers with the best Tawonga experience. You can usually catch Katie breaking it down with her unit during song session or running around camp to hang out and enjoy activities with her campers! We did a short interview with Katie, which you can enjoy below!


How did you hear about Camp?

“I heard about Camp through some of my friends who used to go here and they convinced me to apply!”

What is your favorite part of camp?

“My two favorite things about camp are getting to know my campers and watching them embrace camp and transform into who they really want to be while they are here!”

Do you have any specific stories you want to share?

“I had this one camper back when I was bunk counselor that cried because she was homesick. She cried so much that she had to go Health Center because she became dehydrated. She did a full turn around through the session after we went on our cabin’s backpacking trip and then fully embraced Camp by the end of the session! On her last day she came up to me crying happy tears because she had such an amazing time here!”

What is your favorite memory from Camp?

“My favorite memory is going on my first backpacking trip during my first year on staff with the cabin of G-8 to Snow Creek.”

What keeps you coming back to work at Camp?

“The community here is so close and accepting!”

If you could be any Camp Tawonga snack what would you be?

“I would be Gogurt!”

What is your favorite Floats activity?

“Arts and Crafts!”

Katie, like all of our Unit Heads, works tirelessly to ensure our campers have the best summer possible! The Unit Heads are a key component of the management team at camp that help support staff and campers.  They do so much work behind the scenes to make camp run seamlessly. We are so lucky to have such a gifted group of Unit Heads this summer!


Below you can find photos from this afternoons activities. Enjoy!