Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Moriah Weiner, CIT Leader

Camp Tawonga is incredibly fortunate to have many dedicated and passionate people working on staff. Moriah Weiner is no exception. For Mo, breathing life into the Tawonga experience and her passion for working with children and teens has left an indelible mark on the Tawonga community. Mo has worked now for seven summers, and in her time as both a counselor and Counselor-In-Training leader, it’s estimated that she has personally impacted and worked with for over 60 young adults currently on staff. This is truly a remarkable feat! If you were to ask any one of those staff members what type of impact Mo had on their lives they would tell you that she is one of the pillars of Tawonga, that she has an open mind and a ready ear for anyone who needs support and love. Mo first came here as a camper in 2002 at the age of eleven and she never looked back after that. Through thick and thin, Tawonga has been there for Mo and Mo has been there for Tawonga.


Mo currently works with our Counselors-In-Training, giving them the support and coaching they need in order to train and one day become counselors themselves. She is a role model to many, demonstrating to the teens she works with what it means to embody Tawonga’s values and to work with children in the Tawonga way. Mo is passionate about this task and takes it incredibly seriously. 


Mo mentioned that now one of her favorite things to do at Camp during song sessions is to just sit back and enjoy the spirit or ruach that the campers and staff have while they sing and dance after breakfast and dinner.


We are so lucky to have staff members like Mo here at Camp, who truly embody the Tawonga Mission and help make it come alive for campers and staff alike.


Below are some photos from the last full day of Session II.