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Staff Spotlight: Nyv Bogaire

Welcome to our first staff spotlight of the summer! Today we are featuring the fantastic Nyv Bogaire, coming to Tawonga all the way from the UK.


Nyv was born in Israel and raised in the UK where he will start his third year studying economics at Bristol University. While in school, Nyv works in a concierge position at a Jewish care home for the elderly. His life is comprised of studying, playing football (or, as we say in the states, soccer) and in the summers, coming to Tawonga. Get to know Nyv below!


Tell me about your time at Tawonga

I discovered Camp through an agency in the UK that connects you with camps in the states. I was looking for something remote and in the wilderness, so being close to Yosemite is perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. Somewhere you can clear your head and really just think about the job, rather than everything else outside of the job. At Tawonga, you can really disconnect to connect.


What has kept you coming back to Tawonga?

Last year was a very magical summer, despite having to cut it short due to air quality from a nearby fire. Tawonga is like a little haven. It’s something I’ve never ever experienced before in my life, not even remotely close to it. I had no idea how eye-opening it would be in so many different disciplines really.

What’s kept me coming back is firstly, the intrinsic reward you get from these kids who come from more challenging backgrounds. They’re just having the best time of their lives. They look forward the whole year to coming here, and I very much felt that way after my first year. If I can give it to the kids and give it to myself too, why not do it?

What makes you love your job here?

I love working with young kids because I feel like they’re like sponges – taking in everything for the first time. I love helping them to see different perspectives from such a young age. These are the most important years of their life really, the ones that really make you who you are, so this work feels really impactful.

What is your favorite Tawonga activity?

I love the song sessions here. I think they’re so unique. Some of the other camps I’ve been to, if you’re singing a song, it’s once every few days, but here it’s this whole songbook that kids get excited by and can take home to play music and practice by themselves. Two meals a day you’re singing at least three or four songs, and everyone gets so hyped! Everyone dances together, and it’s so special. You hear the Dining Hall vibrate sometimes…I just love song session so much.


Recommendations for folks back home?

To come to Camp Tawonga! What more could you recommend? Whether you’re from Fiji, like our Challenge Course facilitator, the UK, Israel, or anywhere – just come!


Any closing thoughts?

This place is a glimpse of the future. It’s something that I hope will ripple out to the rest of the world, and there will become more places like Tawonga, and eventually maybe a world like Tawonga. It’s going to be a slow process, but it’s happening!


Nyv, what a stand-up guy! Tawonga is so lucky to have him this summer, and so are those campers. If you want to learn more about our summer staff, check out this In-Service Staff Training blog post from earlier in the summer.


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