The Start of Something Beautiful

What a fantastic first full day of A Taste of Camp! Today Camp was buzzing with excitement as activities began in earnest– from sports to song session to s’mores, A Taste of Camp is designed to give new campers a sense of what Tawonga is all about. It really is meant to feel like a taste, where every camper gets to experience the Tawonga magic packed into just a few days.


Lifelong Tawongans begin their camp journeys this week. Most of our staff started as campers, many during this session. Years later, they are here today giving back and providing a similar experience to the kids. Our goal this session and every session is for each kid to form strong bonds with their bunkmates and counselors, to gain a greater sense of self esteem, to connect with nature and spirituality and to have an absolute blast from sunrise to sunset. 


After each breakfast and dinner all the kids join together for song session. Song session is a great Tawonga experience. Imagine a dining hall packed to the brim with campers singing and dancing their hearts out. Campers let loose with their friends singing tunes lead by a phenomenal group of song leaders. From classic folk to Debbie Friedman, there is something for everyone. It’s a joyful and special moment, and luckily, we get to have it twice a day!


As the sun set and temperature cooled, bunks gathered lakeside to listen to a story by guest educator Rabbi Nosson Potash and to sing the soothing lullaby, Hashkiveinu, before going to bed. We are so lucky to get to have fun with these campers and can’t wait for tomorrow and another fun day at Camp!