Staying Active at Camp

Summer is a great time for children to get outside, put away their phones and be active in nature. Based in the third rung of our Mission,  it’s important that campers have lots of opportunities to run and play in the sunshine, unplug from the technology they might use at home and bask in the beauty of our tranquil 160 acre property.


Every bunk schedule has a mix of chill and active blocks every day, with opportunities to swim at the pool, play basketball, Ga-ga, ping pong and more. As seen in today’s photo gallery, campers are often found on the basketball court shooting hoops with their bunkmates, challenging their friends to paddle boat races on the Lake and playing foosball and ping pong outside of the Dining Hall.


Ga-ga is a classic Jewish summer camp sport, which is a variant of dodgeball played in a hexagonal court. The campers avoid the Ga-ga ball as their friends attempt to get them out by bouncing the ball off their feet. Once someone gets out, all the players shout, “you’re awesome!” as they exit the court. Some people think Ga-ga is simply, “Israeli dodgeball,” though if you ask any Israeli they’ll tell you this is just a myth! It’s really only found at Jewish summer camps.


In the spirit of Tawonga’s weird and wacky ways, Gnarly blocks get kids pumped up and on their feet. At any time of the day, it is common to come across bunks running through Camp covered in paint and dirt reciting the chant, “Gnarly, gnarly, gnarly!”


Even Garden blocks spent harvesting different herbs and vegetables and making smoothies on the bike blender are fun activities that get the body moving. Afterward, campers get to enjoy the fruits of their labor, drinking homemade smoothies with their bunk. After an amazing, busy and active week, all of Camp is looking forward to a relaxing, reflective Shabbat – starting this evening!


Enjoy today’s gallery of campers being active and most importantly staying hydrated while doing it!