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Legacy Society

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 3.15.45 PMTawonga Legacy Society Members are individuals or families who have made an investment ensuring that the Tawonga of the future will be as strong and impactful for children as it is today.

Please join in ensuring a vibrant future for Camp by making a planned gift today. Your generosity will benefit generations of Tawonga campers and staff and the Jewish community as a whole.

Become a Tawonga Legacy Society Member

To join, simply download, fill out, and sign the Letter of Intent and return to our office.
Legacy Letter of Intent

If you have already named Camp Tawonga in your will or estate plan, please let us know so we can welcome you to our Legacy Society.

View List of Members

Members represent an endowment fund of more than $10,000 and/or have made a bequest or planned gift in their estate plans

Adam Alcabes
Ari A. Baruth
Adam Berman
Jen & Jon Boxerman
Gabrielle Bressack
Barbara & Lawrence Cahn
Melissa Cahn
Steve Catechi
Jessica Chizen
Heather Robert Coffman
& David E. Coffman
Eleanor & Ralph* Coffman
Cohen Family
Jessica Colvin
Kenneth* & Thelma Colvin
Ashley & Jamie Costello
Ilana Drummond
Susan & Bill Epstein
Denise Feinsod
Philip & Lisa Feldman
Michael & Anna Fogelman
Perry Kayla Fox
Darin Freitag
Steve Gershik
Melinna Askin Gershik
Jordan Gill
Len Goldberg
Nicole Goldstein
Ann Gonski & John Scott
Norm* & Squeek Grabstein*
Richard Grabstein & Harriette Unger
Jeff Greendorfer
Harold Grinspoon
Rabbi Sholom Groesberg*
Robert Heller*
Rachael Henderson
Jed Herman
Sheila & Ned Himmel
Yeva Johnson & Michael Potter
Ryley Katz
Nina Kaufman & Dan Kaplan
Gene & Susan Kaufman
Rachael Kirk-Cortez
Joseph & Leslie Kleitman
Michelle & Sue Kletter
Ken & Felicia Kramarz
Marilyn* & Steve Lazar
Josh Leslie
Roger M. Low
Aaron Mandel
Rebecca L. Meyer
Sydney Mintz
Eva & Ernest Newbrun
Joyce Newstat
Barbara Niss
Erick Ordin & Miriam Marx Ordin
Shery Oppenheim in memory of Allan J. Oppenheim

Elise Peck
Brian Permutt
Avi & Sarah Perna
Caitlin Quinn
Eric Raznick & Tracey Erwin
Sue Reinhold & Deborah Newbrun
Monica Pallie Rocchino
Saul & Barbara Rockman
Gregg Ivan Bernell Rubenstein
John F. Sampson
Norman Schlossberg
Renee Samson
Randall Schwartz
Larissa (Lara) Siegel
Lori Silverstein
Stella Sedletskaya
Libby & Frank Silver
Jamie Simon
Katelyn Rose Simons
Ben Simrin
Nora Smith
Diane Stern & Alejandro Quintana
Judy Stern & Dan Mihalovich
Melanie Wartenberg
Sharon & Joshua Weinberg
Adam Weisberg
Marilyn* & Raymond Weisberg
Lisa & Matthew Wertheim
Brian Wise
Harold & Marie Zlot

*Of blessed memory

Commonly asked questions

How much does it cost me now to become a Legacy Society Member?
By including Tawonga in your estate plan, you can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime. For example, you might name Tawonga as a beneficiary of your will, revocable trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy, depending on your goals. You can make a gift of any amount that suits your financial needs. We’re ready to work with you and your advisors to craft the gift plan that best meets your goals and objectives.

What is a Letter of Intent?
A Letter of Intent acknowledges your pledge to include Camp Tawonga in your estate plan and announces your commitment to your family and the community. By signing, you will join other dedicated members of our community who deeply value the impact that camp makes in the lives of children. Download Letter of Intent

What will my money go to?
You can designate your gift any way you choose, or you may decide to endow your gift to Tawonga’s General Endowment fund.

Your gift could:

  • Make financial aid available to a growing number of families, ensuring access to camp to children and families of all means.
  • Create opportunities for program development and expansion during the summer and throughout the year
  • Ensure the upkeep, maintenance and expansion of Camp’s buildings and grounds, from building new camper cabins to stewarding our forested land.
  • Provide resources for the “greening” of Camp, from the energy we consume to the building materials we use and the food we serve.

Tawonga’s Book of Life

Tawonga’s Book of Life is an online collection of stories from Tawongans who hold camp dearly in their hearts and who have planned to make a planned gift to provide for Camp’s most critical needs. The stories express the influence that camp has had on their lives or the lives of loved ones and illustrate our community’s commitment to children now and in future generations.

Click here to read the stories >


  • Write your Own Story to be in the Tawonga Book of Life

    If you are a Legacy Society Member, we invite you to write your own testimonial- a short statement that captures your history, experiences, values, or other reasons for your legacy gift. Each story will become a page in the Tawonga Book of Life that may appear on our website, newsletters, and in printed materials with your approval.To write a story for the Tawonga Book of Life talk about yourself, your family, or philosophy, and describe the meaning Tawonga holds to you.Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

    1. Read the questions below and think about what might resonate with you for your story.

    • What is most significant to you about Camp?
    • How has Camp shaped and influenced your life or a family member’s life or Jewish identity?
    • How would you like to be remembered?
    • What are your hopes for the future of Camp or the Jewish people?
    • Why did you choose to make this legacy gift commitment and what do you hope to accomplish with it?
    • Include anything else you would like to mention.


    2. Brainstorm all of your ideas and influences. There is no required formula or guidelines for the type of material you may want to include in your entry.


    3. There is no required minimum or length of story. But be succinct to tell your story effectively.


    4. Select one to three photographs (portrait, family, or picture of you at camp) to be displayed on your page. You can send it digitally via email or mail a photo for us to scan and we will return it to you.


    5. Submit your statement and send your photograph(s) to Lisa Wertheim at [email protected] or send to: 
Camp Tawonga, 131 Steuart Street, Ste. 460, San Francisco, CA 94105.


    6. If you need any assistance, please contact Lisa Wertheim at (415) 543-2267.