Taking Tawonga Home

It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially after a session full of amazing campers. After all, it is the campers who really put the magic into Camp Tawonga. At our closing song session, all of camp gathered at the stage to say goodbye and share how they would take Tawonga home with them.

With amazing depth, campers shared the love they have for camp, which was both beautiful and inspiring. Some of the ways campers suggested they would take Tawonga home with them included keeping in touch with the friends they made here, singing the Hamotzi and Birkat before and after meals, and treating others with kindness and compassion.
This part of camp is always bittersweet, but leaving the session with these tangible ways to bring the spirit of Tawonga home is a great way to sustain the magic. It is our sincere hope that all our campers take what they learned here at camp back home to make the “real world” a little bit more like Camp Tawonga.

Below, enjoy some photos from the morning. We can’t wait to see our campers next summer, or sooner, at our Down the Mountain programs throughout the year, like our upcoming Annual Erev Rosh Hashanah Service on September 13.
The summer may be winding down, but Tawonga goes year-round! Please stay connected with us by joining us on Facebook and twitter, and continuing to tune in right here on The Pipeline where we will continue to share that Camp Tawonga magic!

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