Taste of Campers rocking Tawonga

Shalom! It’s been an exciting day as always here at Camp T. Today campers explored many activities, including making alien masks at Arts & Crafts, playing sports, hanging out on the lake and pool, and doing guided meditations in the garden.

 The unit of Galil (G-3, G-4A, G-4B, B-3, and B-4) went on day-hikes with our wilderness leaders, and the Specialists/Counselors in Training spent the day team-building at the Challenge Course. Our Taste of Quest campers ventured out yesterday into Yosemite National Park with their wilderness leaders to backpack to the scenic Illilouette Falls.
Later this evening, our song leaders will lead us in an all-camp song of the Hashkivenu — a prayer and a classic Tawonga song to have a peaceful sleep. Later tonight we will be posting more photos in our Staff Spotlight post, featuring one of our amazing song leaders. Until then!