Tawonga All Camp Program — The Derech Eretz Academy for Exceptional Campers and Heroes Who Do Good

Today, all of camp learned a secret — Tawonga is actually a training facility for exceptional campers and superheroes!

Our incredibly creative Programming Department transformed camp into The Derech Eretz Academy for Exceptional Campers and Heroes Who Do Good for our All Camp Program. This program is meant to be a fun and silly way for campers to play competitive, spirit-filled color-war games that appeal to all ages. The campers were split into four teams led by different superhero counselors — the Red team was led by Superman and Superwoman, the Blue team by Aqua Man and Black Widow, the Purple team by Batman and Cat Woman, and the Green team by the Hulk and Rogue. Their mission? To save the Academy’s Head Master, Derech Eretz, who had been kidnapped from the evil super villains, Tair the Tyrant and E-Rock. (In case you missed it, Derech Eretz is our summer’s Jewish theme which translates to “the way of the land.”)

By playing Ga-ga, competing in relay races with our Waterfront Team, competing in singing games with our Music Department, and demonstrating spirit and enthusiasm throughout the day, campers were “superhero certified” in order to save Derech Eretz and thus save the world. The amount of ruach or spirit throughout the program was truly infectious.

This spin on a classic color-wars type activity truly embodies the creativity that is so unique to the programs at Tawonga. We are so excited for what the rest of the week has in store! Enjoy photos below.