Tawonga Havdalah

Each Saturday evening at Tawonga, we observe the havdalah ceremony as a community. This includes both campers and staff and usually follows an all-Camp activity, such as the camper talent show like tonight – marking the end of Shabbat and the beginning of each new week. The blessings and prayers of havdalah highlight this distinction between the sacred and the ordinary as we transition from the restful Sabbath to an active new week. 

After a day of sleeping in, honoring the reflective offerings of Shabbat with morning Torah services, and participating in Shabbat elective activities and floats, and “Free Swim,” campers prepare to readjust to the busy and exciting events of weekdays at Tawonga.  

At Camp, our havdalah ceremony includes prayers, singing, the lighting of a braided candle and taking in the scent of aromatic herbs and spices. Shabbat and havdalah are an important time when campers can take a moment to reflect on all that has happened in the previous week and the passage of their time here at Camp. Many campers appreciate the opportunity to participate in this ritual and to think about the amazing memories and friends they have made and the ways they have grown during the session.