Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit brings you a daily dose of Camp with our kitchen menu, Camp birthdays, and more. We hope this series brings you a tidbit closer to Tawonga.

Today’s Kitchen Menu

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, English muffins and orange slices
  • Lunch: Sandwiches! Turkey, pastrami, roast beef, plus green salad / Dessert: apples
  • Dinner: Spaghetti with tomato sauce, zucchini, Focaccia, and green salad / Dessert: chocolate chip cookies!

Delicious vegetarian options are available for every meal, in addition to a “middle table” with alternate meal options for anyone who does not like what is being served.

Where the Campers Are

In this section, you can find out which cabins are at the Challenge Course or on their backpacking trips. Today, all cabins are in Camp.

How’s the Weather?

High of 85, low of 53

In case you missed it, check out this post on what a “typical day” at Camp Tawonga looks like. 

Today’s Birthdays

No birthdays in Camp today.

Bonus Section: The Camp Tawonga Mission

In this short video, Camp Director Becca Meyer explains Tawonga’s four-part mission, which has remained unchanged since the camp’s founding in 1925. Tawonga’s mission has a powerful effect on children, teens and families alike: building self esteem, fostering connections to community and nature, and developing spirituality and positive Jewish identities. Enjoy!