Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit

Your daily dose of Tawonga’s weather, kitchen menu, and camp birthdays. Previously named the Daily Bubble, we hope this series brings you a tidbit closer to camp.

Today’s weather: High of 95, low of 72

Today’s kitchen menu:

  • Breakfast: French Toast casserole with berry compote, hard-boiled Eggs, and cantaloupe
  • Lunch: Tacos with beans, rice, and veggies
  • Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie with beef, potato, carrot, peas, corn, and broccoli

Vegetarian alternatives are provided for camp meals, in addition to cereal and oatmeal or grits for breakfast, and sun butter & jelly sandwiches during lunch and dinner, plus a salad bar option.

Today’s birthdays:

Happy birthday to camper Zoe W.!