Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit

Today’s Kitchen Menu


Chilaquiles with eggs, gallo pinto and honeydew melon


Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Fruit: Apples


Shepherd’s pie with ground beef, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots served with roasted broccoli

Dessert: Apple pie

Delicious vegetarian and vegan options are available for every meal, in addition to a “middle table” with alternative meal options to meet every camper’s needs.

During breakfast, the middle table offers a wide selection of cold cereal and milk (dairy-free options available as well), in addition to hot cereal with a variety of toppings. Each lunch and dinner, campers can also choose from options at the middle table, including sun-butter and jelly sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and hummus. A salad bar with ample fixings is also available to campers and staff for every meal to either supplement or replace the options on the menu that day.  


Where the Campers Are


B-1 and B-2 returned from backpacking today covered in dirt and full of stories from their night sleeping under the stars. The unit of Eilat (B-5, B-5, G-5, G-6 and AG-6) left to go backpacking today, while campers in Chalutzim went on the Bagel Run – an elective day hike to the top of Cloud’s Rest or Half Dome! Lastly, G-3, G-4A and G-4B were all on the Challenge Course today strengthening their bunk bonds.


Eilat returns from backpacking while B-9, B-10A and B-10B get to try out the Challenge Course!



What is so special about today? We are celebrating four birthdays at Camp! Happy birthday to Russel G., Jonas H., Cam O-B., and Brenton S. four special members of our Session IV family. 

Here’s what celebrating a birthday at Camp Tawonga looks like. (Hint: It’s pretty special.)


How’s the Weather? ☀️

Sunny with a high of 92, low of 59 today

During the hottest time of the day, campers relax in the shade of their cabins during Rest Hour. In case you missed it, check out this post on what a “typical day” at Camp Tawonga looks like.


Did You Know …

The New York Times recently featured Camp Tawonga for our innovative gender inclusion efforts! Tawonga is offering an all-gender cabin pilot this session for any campers who identify as non-binary. You can read more about the all-gender cabin here.


The Tawonga Tidbit brings you a daily dose of Camp with our kitchen menu, Camp birthdays and more. We hope this series brings you a bit closer to Tawonga!