The Bunk Unit (and Bunk Photos!)

The second rung of Tawonga’s Mission emphasizes the importance of creating a cooperative community. At the core of Tawonga’s community is the bunk unit. As one cohesive cabin group, comprised of twelve campers and two bunk counselors, Tawonga bunks live, eat, sleep and play together every day.


The experience of living in a close-knit and bonded group for an entire session fosters lifelong friendships and countless memories.


Last night, each bunk performed a cabin cheer, introducing themselves and their cabin’s theme to the rest of Camp. Later, bunks gathered to determine their cabin’s “10 Commandments” and began to set norms and expectations for the tone of the session.


These rituals help to solidify a sense of community and collaboration within the bunk’s group dynamic where every child’s voice is valued and heard.


Each bunk is also assigned a Unit, by the names of Carmel (bunks 1s and 2s), Galil (bunks 3s and 4s), Eilat (bunks 5s and 6s), Haifa (bunks 7s and 8s) and Chalutzim (bunks 9s and 10s). Within their Units and bunks, campers are spending these early days of the session participating in team-building activities to bond together and set the tone for an incredible session!


Who’s up?

Enjoy bunk photos below! All bunks in Camp are featured.


Who’s on deck?

Look forward to pictures from Song Session and other evening activities.