The Camp Tawonga Bunk

The Tawonga bunk is the central and sacred unit of Camp. This session, every camper belongs to a bunk with 11 other campers, two dedicated bunk counselors and one unit counselor. Within this framework, all campers and counselors are also supported by unit heads who coordinate and lead their unit in community-building activities.


Tawonga units are organized as follows: Carmel is the 1s and 2s; Galil is the 3s and 4s; Eilat is the 5s and 6s; Haifa is the 7s and 8s; and Chalutzim is the 9s and 10s. As units, campers gather for outdoor BBQ dinners, free swim, and Ruach Hour, when they learn about Jewish values and creatively express them.


Living in cabins with 15 people and participating regularly in group activities, campers practice including one another and community-building behaviors. This element of Camp, known as our bunk-centric philosophy, is key to the second rung of our Mission: Creating a cooperative community. Through consensus based decision making and living and playing together, the connections campers make both within the bunk and the broader unit often lead to enduring and close-knit friendships.


Who’s up?

See below for photos from Carmel Ruach Hour, Haifa Free Swim, bunnies in the Garden and B-6 at the Gaga Pit!


Who’s on deck?

Look forward to pictures from Unit BBQs tonight.