The Pipeline

We are so fortunate to have the beautiful Middle Fork of the Tuolomne river flowing through our property. Originating in Yosemite National Park, the Tuolomne flows out of the Sierra Mountain range and provides hydro-electric power and drinking water for much of the Bay Area. For the Middle Fork portion of the river that flows through our property, it is un-dammed from its headwaters all the way through Camp, and we use it for several programmatic areas for campers and staff alike.

There are many different spots along the portion of river that runs through camp, each with their own special features! Pipeline is the river spot that sees the most traffic during the summer, as it is a central river spot that is located near our Sweat Lodge and Ropes Course programming areas (and is also this blog’s namesake). Pipeline is a great place for kids to dip into the river since the current is light and the water is shallow enough to walk in. Just slightly down river are Secret Beach, Paradise Island and Ladybug Cove. These three spots are a bit more secluded from main Camp. At Secret Beach the water diverts into a small pool that is refreshing to take a dunk in and it features great spots for sunbathing, as well. When campers head to Paradise Island, they have the option of choosing two different sections of the river that have been split off on a fork. One side features a small sandy beach that is shaded and nice for reading while the other side has a beautiful waterfall and calm section that is great for swimming. Ladybug Cove features a beautiful and big sandy beach that is great for relaxing and hanging out after taking a dip and, as is aptly named, often has a colony of ladybugs living on the underside of a giant boulder.

We are so fortunate to have such an important and historic river flowing through our property. It is amazing to observe the changes it goes through during the summer months as it warms up and the glacial melt from Yosemite flows through. On hot days the river is a great place to hang out and cool off.

Enjoy some photos from today’s fun at camp!