The Radical Ruach Race!

Imagine the most ruach-filled all-Camp program of the session! Ruach= Spirit in Hebrew and this morning we had the Radical RUACH Race organized by our GDP (General Department of Programming).


At last night’s campfire, the GDP staff announced the all-Camp program and encouraged cabins to dress in a theme for the race. For example, G-4B all wore hair bandanas inspired by their bunk theme, Go Bananas!


All of Camp came together at the Stage and the rules of the Ruach Race were explained. Each cabin sent a few of their bunkmates to take part in activities at different locations all around Camp. When campers completed a challenge, they received points based on participation and teamwork. Bunks worked together to earn the most points with the reward of FUN and… not only one, but two, celebratory birthday bowls in sight!


Campers were able to showcase their skills, shooting free throws on the Basketball Court, performing their choice of song from the Tawonga songbook beneath the shade of the Garden gazebo, or working as a team to untie themselves in the human knot challenge. The strong bunk camaraderie and ruach was felt in every challenge – bunkmates cheered each other on with words of encouragement and motivated one another to complete each and every station of the race!


The winner of today’s Ruach Race will be announced in the Dining Hall after tonight’s dinner. Campers will be waiting excitedly to hear the results. Who will be the lucky bunk to take home the prize?


Until then…enjoy photos of campers competing in Tawonga’s first ever Radical Ruach Race!