The SCITs of Tawonga

Our 27 teens in the SCIT Program (Specialists and Counselors in Training), have spent a fun and educational three weeks at Tawonga. The participating teens are a fantastic, enthusiastic group of rising seniors in high school, all of whom attended Tawonga as campers.


SCIT is a selective leadership program for teens entering 12th grade and enables them to learn more Tawonga’s approach to working with kids. The program coincides with both A Taste of Camp and Session II and is facilitated by some of our amazing Tawonga staff members.


After teens age out of their traditional camper years, many find this program to be an invaluable personal and professional growth opportunity. Being an SCIT is a great stepping stone to one day becoming a member of the Tawonga staff.


The ITs spent their first week bonding with their leaders and each other, learning how to work with kids in “Tawonga fashion.” One highlight included leading Kabbalat Shabbat together at Makom Shalom, our outdoor sanctuary. The following weekend, they rafted on the American River with our Wilderness leaders!


IT Layla Z. reflected,

I loved the Tawonga Leadership Institute Program last year (for rising 11th graders), but this is even better!


This work is also extremely rewarding for the SCIT staff members who make this experience so meaningful for the ITs.


SCIT staff member Sonia H. remarked,

Working with the SCITs these past few weeks has been an honor. These teens are so excited to learn and be here. They have the young energy you see in campers – everything is exciting to them. It is amazing to see them succeed in their assigned roles. The future of Tawonga is in good hands.


Enjoy photos from yesterday’s Color Wars and today’s unique end of session activities. Look forward to images from tonight’s banquet dinner and closing campfire!