Til Martians Invade Us: All Camp Program

Last night at the campfire, the programming department announced the All Camp Program — referencing the reworked lyrics of a Camp classic “Friends, Friends, Friends” that says

“Love will pervade us ‘til martians invade us”


All of Camp was challenged with the task of rescuing Camp directors who had been taken away by an alien invasion. Each cabin was assigned to a color coded team of red, orange, yellow, green or blue and each team met after breakfast to plan team cheers and decorate themselves with colored paint and glitter.


Teams completed missions all over Camp like a scavenger hunt, discovering clues and missions as they continued on.


Campers wrote space-themed song parodies at the Moadone and collected lily pads from the paddleboats on the Lake while others collaborated on a “CAMP MARS-TONGA” martian mural at Arts & Crafts. Drama specialist Dylan lead jeopardy-style trivia in the Dining Hall.


Because the teams complete missions separately, All Camp Program emphasizes the importance of teamwork and inclusion rather than competition and at the closing ceremony, each team is awarded recognition for ruach (spirit), involvement, hydration and other important qualities of a summer camp team dynamic.


Who’s up?

Enjoy photos from the All Camp Program this morning.


Who’s on deck?

Look forward to more bunk photos and flicks from evening activities.