Trying New Things: The Tawonga Way

Summer camp is all about having fun, trying new things and being up to the challenge of taking little steps, or big ones, out of your comfort zone.


Spending just one morning walking around Camp, you can see all the wonderful new things that our campers are trying out.


G-7 slid right into the Lake on a homemade lily pad slip n’ slide with nature specialists while G-11 (also known as G-10B) collaborated with B-4A on some Garden pita pizzas. While they enjoyed their garden snacks, B-3 sang in the background during a “Beetles” Beatles-influenced Garden music block. “Here Comes the Slugs” debuted at the top of the Tawonga charts. No doubt, it will be going platinum soon.


B-9 wrote some “Goat notes” while learning how to make goat cheese, which they served on crackers with jam and dried garden-picked herbs in a wilderness block.


G-1 and G-10A also caught onto the cooking trend, and spent their morning in a sisterhood Jewish programming challah-cookie-making block where they discussed different definitions of peace, truth and justice while their challah cookies baked. Delish.


G-9 got “gnarly,” a block that encourages campers to step out and get dirtier than usual, incorporating some creative mediums like paint, glitter, “ooblec” and anything else that can be found around camp, like dirt, grass and lilypads. After getting as dirty as possible and chanting gnarly cheers, campers wash off and celebrate by getting as clean as possible.


Who’s up?

Enjoy some bunk photos as well as some sneak peeks into gaga, lily pad slip n’ slide, collage and gnarly!


Who’s on deck?

More bunk photos, Garden spa and swimming photos are on deck!