Tuning in at Tawonga

Music is such a special part of Camp life. Throughout the day there are many moments where kids can sing, dance and enjoy music together as a community. Of course, engaging with music together is inherently fun, yet it can also be healthy for brain chemistry. Studies have shown that there are huge psychological and emotional benefits to group singing, and allowing for these moments in a safe and accepting environment further serves to enhance the camper experience by both building community and improving self esteem, key aspects to Tawonga’s Mission.


For example, each day after breakfast and dinner there is a spirited song session. Song session is a time when campers get to let loose, singing and dancing to a mix of rock and roll, folk classics, Hebrew and Israeli hits (Debbie Friedman!) as well as pop music through the ages. Song sessions are led by our talented and passionate song leaders who are responsible for providing the ruach twice a day, keeping kids engaged and singing with various theme days and a “top five” vote for the most popular songs at the end of each session.


Songleaders also lead activities on the bunk level. Throughout the week cabins can write their own songs, walk around Camp serenading others or just jam out, exploring and improvising together. Some kids might not know they had an interest or passion in music until they come to Tawonga and get to try out different musical methods in a safe and supportive space.


Several years ago, Tawonga alum MK Nobilette made a deep run on American Idol, proof that musicality at Camp can have a huge impact back home. Who knows? A future American Idol might be singing at this week’s talent show, getting the support and love from their counselors and bunkmates they need in order to pursue their dreams.


Below are photos from today’s activities as well as Haifa’s recent “Bagel Run” to Cloud’s Rest. Enjoy!