Welcome Session B!

Welcome, welcome, welcome Session B campers!! The energy at Camp was palpable today as the kids poured out of the buses with our summer staff singing and cheering them on. Seeing campers take in their first moments of Tawonga in at least two years — and for some, for the first time ever — was a moment to rejoice!

Right away, cabin assignments were announced to giddy campers, who were soon meeting their loving counselors and the bunkmates they will be living alongside for the next three and a half weeks. This sacred bunk unit is core to the Tawonga experience and how we build a cooperative, harmonious community.

Next up, campers started their “havurah hikes” to get oriented (or reoriented) with Tawonga’s property (which spans 160 acres!), program areas and the staff who lead them. 

Campers loved gathering together in our outside dining pavilion (new this summer) for a delicious dinner, followed by our first song session of the season. They joyfully shouted out the lyrics to the Tawonga classic, “Country Roads.” Bunks then gathered for opening activities with their units (groups of similar aged bunks) to begin getting to know each other.

Finally, at opening campfires, we sang together some more and heard from the director team about some important things to know for the session.

Before going to bed, bunks gathered to write their “ten commandments” for their group, a set of communal guidelines to live by in their bunk.

It’s going to be a beautiful session — here we go!