Welcome to Camp, Session IV!

Session IV has arrived, our campers are so thrilled to be at Tawonga, and we are so thrilled to have them! Whether for first-time or returning campers, the first day of a session at Tawonga is full of exciting beginnings. There’s beginning new friendships within one’s bunk and beginning to settle into the natural beauty of camp; there is also the exciting beginning for many campers of discovering new parts of themselves that the camp environment has a unique way of bringing out. A first opportunity that campers have to let their voices shine is during the Opening Campfire bunk skits.

After campers arrive and are welcomed by staff, counselors begin the process of helping campers bond with their bunkmates and become familiar with the landscape of camp. In the midst of name games, unpacking, and being introduced to some main areas of camp, campers are given time before dinner to brainstorm and create a one-minute skit that introduces each camper and the bunk as a whole, to the rest of camp. These skits range in style and often include lots of creativity, musicality, drama, and playfulness.

Pride in one’s bunk is nurtured throughout the session, and these skits are a great way to stoke campers’ excitement about being a part of a group. Here’s to many positive and fun beginnings for our Session IV campers. See below for some photos of the Opening Campfire bunk skits for Session IV!

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