We Will Miss You, Katie

Dear Tawongans,


Our amazing Associate Director Katie Quinn will be leaving the agency in early June of 2018 to explore a new professional path. A true Tawongan, leader and innovator, Katie has left an indelible mark on the organization and will be deeply missed.


Katie has been instrumental in Tawonga’s success during her seven years here, leading summer staff hiring and training, ensuring our American Camp Association accreditation score is exceptional, overseeing the kitchen (our largest department) and launching new initiatives with innovation and care.


As you likely know Katie is smart, creative and highly innovative. She started the Teen Leadership Institute and launched our first Young Alumni Board and Teen Winter Retreat. Her fantastic instincts, commitment to her work and ability to skillfully troubleshoot on her feet have made her an extraordinary leader. For all of Katie’s tremendous contributions to to the agency, we are deeply grateful.


With gratitude,

Becca Meyer


P.S. Please read Katie’s letter below sharing her gratitude for her time spent at Tawonga.





When I got a job at Camp Tawonga seven years ago, I knew I was lucky to get the chance to work at the best camp in the country. This organization has given me the gift of home, community and family, and I’m incredibly grateful.


The relationships I’ve built with so many of you have been the best part of my role. Getting to know the summer staff and campers was always a highlight of every season. Choosing to leave this job has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but it was made easier knowing that this community and all of you will remain a huge part of my life. I’m excited to take the incredible lessons and skills I’ve learned here and apply them to a new path in my career.


I’ve had the fortune to grow professionally at Tawonga, with each year bringing new challenges and opportunities. It’s rare to work in an environment where you love and respect your colleagues. I know that the agency is in the care of an extraordinary year-round team, and I am excited to watch Tawonga grow and continue to make its mark on thousands of lives each year.


I’ve seen families grow up at Family Camp, toddlers become campers, campers become staff and staff become active members of the alumni community. Each cohort has brought meaningful memories for me.


Last night, as I sang Hashkiveinu to my daughter, Matilda, I thought about how much I’m going to miss being at Camp. Being surrounded by Tawongans singing together at the campfire, winding the night down with campers’ arms wrapped around each other is one of my favorite things in the world. However, I take comfort in knowing that I will stay connected with the Tawonga community and will be sitting around that campfire with my daughter on my lap, for years to come.



Katie Quinn