Winding Down the Week

As the first week of Session III winds down and we prepare to welcome Shabbat tonight, all campers on backpacking trips returned safely to Camp. We cannot wait to join together tonight for the first Shabbat of the session, when every bunk in Camp will come together to celebrate Shabbat in community. The festive Shabbat meal will be followed by freilach, a lively dance.

This morning, the B-bunks of Haifa gathered on the field for an intense ultimate frisbee tournament with a side of impromptu Katy Perry karaoke. Programming welcomed back a Session III favorite activity, sock-wrestling, where campers, restricted with a set of silly rules, attempt to steal one another’s socks. The Unit of Galil spent the morning at the Moadone for Ruach Hour, preparing for tonight’s kabbalat shabbat service. The Unit of Carmel prepared by braiding the challahs that all of Camp will enjoy tonight.

Check out other photos from the day below including the popular activity, Getting Gnarly (the shaving cream remix), as well as tie-dye at Arts and Crafts and Unit Ga-Ga.

Who’s on Deck? 

Get excited to see Session III campers in their Shabbat finest later on the blog. To everyone back home, wishing you a peaceful Shabbat.