In Their Own Words – Nine Expressions of Gratitude from Tawonga Campers

Over the summer, Tawonga campers were asked to write expressions of gratitude to our amazing community of donors about the impact Camp has made on their lives. These campers have blown us away with their thoughtfulness. Whether or not you are a donor to Tawonga, you can enjoy these sweet messages!



I can’t imagine life without Tawonga, but here’s what I do know: at Tawonga I am my best self, I have made my best friends, and I have loved every second of the past nine years because of it. Camp T has created a home that will last for so many years to come.

– Anaka, G8-B

Throughout the year, my mind gets gunkier and gunkier, and at Tawonga I can wash all that gunk away. I don’t know what I’d do without this camp. Thank you so much for helping to keep this life-changing experience avalible.
– Paul, CIT



I acquire so many values and relationships at Tawonga, and I also address some of my deepest fears and emotions. This all impacts my life so much.
– Joe

It’s hard to explain how amazing Camp truly is to me. The only way I can is to call it home. A place where I feel accepted, celebrated, and loved. It is Camp that taught me to be a better person. At Tawonga I’ve learned not just to tolerate differences, but to celebrate them. Thank you so much for making Camp Tawonga possible.
– Olive, G-9

Tawonga has become a huge part of me; it taught me how to be myself and how to love others as family. Thank you for keeping Tawonga alive, and for helping to make the weeks I’ve spent at Camp some of the best weeks of my life.
– Zachary, B-10A

Tawonga is such a special place to me because it is a community where I can really be myself and escape from the social pressures of everyday life. Camp is like a safe haven, and when we leave, we all say we have to go back to ‘reality.’
– Makenna, G-7

Tawonga has made me the person I am today. I truly believe Tawonga has given me the foundation to create lifelong friendships partnered with a better understanding of Judaism and Nature. Most importantly, though, Tawonga has allowed me to form a positive self-image and develop confidence. Tawonga is my home away from home.
– Nina, CIT

In just three months, we will welcome our first campers of the summer season at a Taste of Camp, and we can’t wait to provide the kinds of memorable and transformative experiences about which you’ve just read for every single teen and child who comes to Tawonga.