Mentorship Society

Thank you to our incredible Tawonga mentors!

Tawonga mentors volunteer to work one on one with Bar, Bat & B’nai Mitzvah students to provide support on analyzing their torah portions and writing their d’rash. These mentors serve as a positive Jewish role model and provide a one on one learning experience for the students.

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To learn about joining the mentorship society, email Meg at

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Below are the members of the mentorship society

  • Aaron Mandel
  • Allie Simon
  • Ben Simrin
  • Casey Cohen
  • Charlie Dubach-Reinhold
  • Dylan Tarnoff
  • Evan Gunsberg
  • Jake Kramarz
  • Jessica Chizen
  • Kira Waldman
  • Lauren Greenberg
  • Linda Shak
  • Madaline Goldstein
  • Maya Abramson
  • Mo Weiner
  • Noah Marsh
  • Rachael DeWitt
  • Sam Quintana
  • Sonia Harris
  • Steven Chizen

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