All-Camp Carnival — #waybackwednesday

While kids back home are posting to social media with the trending #waybackwednesday, Tawonga is putting our r own spin on things with the All-Camp Carnival. Today at lunch, the Specialists In-Training (SITs)  announced tonight’s carnival theme of #waybackwednesday, a play on this hashtag that encompasses activities with historical twists.

“The carnival is an activity that  campers can  look forward to instead of becoming preoccupied with thoughts of leaving camp,” said SIT, Abby M. “The intention is for this to be an uplifting closing for the session that kids will remember.”

The end-of-camp event is often a favorite moment campers put on their “Memory sheets” (lists of their favorite camp memories) before the end of the session. The SITs planned the entire two-hour All-Camp Carnival, from the initial planning stages, to selecting the theme of #waybackwednesday, to the activities.

“We brainstormed ideas for a bunch of different themes and narrowed it down to the most plausible options,” SIT Miles K. shared. “We decided on #waybackwednesday because of its all-encompassing nature.”

SITs along with Counselors In-Training (CITs) were empowered to coordinate and implement the seven fun carnival activity booths for campers.

“Along with a couple other SCITs, we are in charge of a cave-painting station. It’s meant to be a space for creative, impermanent graffiti with a historical reference,” Miles K. added.

For many campers, the carnival is a highlight of the week as it’s a great place to hang out with all of camp, and enjoy good food and music.

“As SCITs, it is our goal to provide campers with the same wonderful experiences we had as campers,” Abby M. said.

Through the planning process, SITs honed organizational and leadership skills, as well as collaborative brainstorming.

“Planning the carnival is a big part of learning about how to be an effective staff member and how to put on an event that all campers can enjoy,” CIT Leo G. shared.

Tonight will definitely be something to remember, and the SCITs are just as excited as the campers for the festive evening in store!

“I’m hoping we’ve created a space where everyone is comfortable and able to have fun,” Abby M. added. “I’m looking forward to seeing all the campers and their big smiles.”

Written by Specialist In-Training, Julia Rose K.

Below are photos of the morning activities at camp — Enjoy!