All Camp Production

Welcome to Tawonga Night Live, it’s Sunday night!


This evening, Tawonga got a real treat and got to see a “Saturday Night Live” themed improv show, which gave some talented campers the opportunity to show off their creative sides. Campers acted in a series of sketches in the form of scene-oriented improv games which they have been practicing throughout the session during their Livnot elective blocks.  


The improvised style of the production gives campers a safe and structured space to stretch their comfort zones and exercise their creativity in the form of acting. Even though campers have various amounts of experience, the production is oriented towards all kinds of campers.


By putting on a show and being an open forum for campers to perform, the All Camp Production is a great way for campers to try out something new and learn new ways to express themselves as individuals. The All Camp production is a great way for campers to build their self-image and confidence in front of the Camp Tawonga community.


Below are photos from the All Camp Production and the following All Camp Carnival photo booth!