Jake Kramarz

Jake KramarzTawongan Since: 1988

Jake Kramarz has been part of the Camp Tawonga family since birth. As one of three children of former executive director, Ken Kramarz, Jake and his siblings grew up at camp, spending entire summers there. Jake became a camper in 1995, at the age of 7, and was a camper for the next 8 years. In addition to participating in the regular camp sessions, Jake went on three different Tawonga quests, was a WIT, a CIT, and participated in the first ever TSL Costa Rica. He was then a counselor and a wilderness leader for three full summers and came up to camp to work a few sessions here and there, in-service in the kitchen, and numerous family camps. Jake is excited to be able to participate in and contribute to camp in a new way as part of TAB. Jake and his wife, Nasim, live in Oakland.

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