Behind “Getting Gnarly”

Session II campers are soaking up the fun of Camp in our last three days of the session. Some highlights from today include a beatboxing workshop, jazzercise, welcoming Haifa bunks home from their overnight trips and “getting gnarly.”


For those who aren’t familiar with this latter activity, “getting gnarly” is one of Camp Tawonga’s most unique and beloved activities. The idea is that the campers, if they choose to, can get as dirty as possible! You name it, they’ve used it – from dirt and mud to paint, glitter, sand, lake water and everything in between. While this is of course just incredibly fun, just like everything else at Camp Tawonga, there is intention behind it. “Getting gnarly” encourages campers to step out of their comfort zones by having an experience completely outside the realm of normal life at home. In doing so, kids get to bond with each other in a very unique way.


Later tonight, all bunks will participate together in the ultimate creative program: a Tawonga Carnival! Stay tuned for some festive photos soon.