Big Night at Camp Tawonga!

What a jam-packed day at Camp.


We started off the evening with a super popular event known as International dinner. It’s an opportunity for counselors and other non-kitchen staff members to put together their favorite dishes from around the world. There was sabih from Israel, spanakopita from Greece, spring rolls from Vietnam, Korean beef, Ken’s classic caesar salad and much more. How delicious! 


After dinner, we made our way over to the Stage for an event we’ve all been waiting for, the All-Camp Production! A group of campers performed an adaptation of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (otherwise known as Tawong-Wars) showcasing their talent and ruach for all of Camp to enjoy.  


Last but certainly not least, campers had a blast at the All-Camp Carnival! Kids wore face-paint and dressed up as all of Camp gathered to hang out and dance the night away. What a fun way to end this great weekend with Session IV. 


Enjoy photos that captured some of the amazing moments we shared here at Camp T. tonight.