Bunk Plaques: Painting a Special Piece of Summer

With the end of Session II approaching, we ask ourselves, “How can we take Tawonga home?”


As a community, we consider tangible ways we can take the lessons and values we have learned at Camp and share them with our loved ones back home. For instance, at Tawonga, everyone is respected; we practice kindness and empathy; and we all pitch in to create a cooperative community together. At the Closing Campfire, the directors impress upon the campers to take these practices home to the “real world,” in order to make it a better place.


Additionally, we explore different ways that we can honor the memories we have made and take time to leave a positive, physical mark on Camp.


Cabins memorialize their experiences in the form of hand-painted bunk plaques made from repurposed Tawonga wood. Some plaque designs reflect the bunk theme selected at the beginning of the session, while others represent a shared memory.


Each camper’s name is written on the plaque, as well as the bunk name, session and year. The walls of every cabin are lined with these tributes to summer camp joy, dating back decades.


These plaques are a reminder of treasured memories and are a beloved Tawonga tradition.


Who’s up?

Check out photos of bunk plaque making and some past plaques still on cabin walls.


Who’s on deck?

Look forward to pics from Song Session and our Session II Closing Campfire.