What Campers Love Most About Shabbat

Shabbat is a really special time here at Tawonga. There is an incredible presence of spirituality, kindness, and gratitude that pulses through Camp and we feel lucky to experience it in this loving community every week. When we asked some campers what they love most about Shabbat, one camper from B-1 shared:

 I love the peace of Shabbat. It’s calming and just feels really inclusive and happy.

Another camper from B-8 said:

I really like the Torah service because all cabins go to Makom Shalom to sing and pray together.

And lastly, a camper from G-2B said:

Song session is one of the best parts of Shabbat! The room is exploding with fun and brings one last spark to the night.

We ended the night together at the All-Camp Campfire and Havdalah service to say good bye to Shabbat and “Shavua Tov” to welcome another great week with Session IV. Enjoy the pictures from this relaxing Shabbat and we’ll see you tomorrow.