Carmel and Eilat are Back

This afternoon, one by one, Carmel and Eilat (B-1, B-2, G-1, G-2, B-5, B-6, G-5 and G-6) returned triumphant from their backpacking trips!

As they unpacked their bags, campers shared stories of card tournaments, deer sightings and beautiful sunsets. Campers can sometimes be nervous before their backpacking trips, but as you will see in their smiles below, they were so proud of what they accomplished on these adventures, from carrying all their gear to sleeping under the stars. An informal poll revealed that campers rated showers as the thing they were most excited about, closely followed by sleeping in their beds back here at Camp. 

The rest of Camp participated in Floats this afternoon, a great opportunity for campers to pick their own activities and spend time with friends from other bunks. Campers ended the evening with story sessions, chill time at A&C, a Halloween/Purim/Prom party and time in the garden.

Tomorrow we send out Haifa (B-7, B-8, G-7 and G-8) as the final unit to go backpacking. These bunks participated in backpacking prep sessions with WILD staff today to learn how to pack their bags and get excited about the trips ahead. Good night from Tawonga and see you tomorrow for more!