Challenge By Choice

At Camp Tawonga, campers are presented with a variety of opportunities to push themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Guided by the practice we call “challenge by choice,” we encourage kids to embrace physical and emotional challenges so that they can grow while also pushing themselves. In this way, our campers are able to experience a sense of safety, support and motivation to explore and push their own boundaries.

The Challenge Course, run by our highly trained Wilderness Staff, is a key program where challenge by choice comes to life. Every bunk has the opportunity to experience the Challenge Course, comprised of 17 various high and low elements situated among the trees.

In the morning campers learn about the ethics of challenge by choice and how to be safe on the course. Next, the bunks work together to build trust and to collaborate through the low elements. These activities don’t require harnesses and helmets and prepare them for the more physically challenging obstacles to come.

Then in the afternoon campers strap on their harnesses and helmets and head for the high elements. With cheers and reassuring words from staff and peers below, campers are empowered to push their limits and support each other while tackling the element.

Turk, our lead Challenge Course Facilitator, shared:

My favorite aspect of the Challenge Course is that it creates a space for campers to practice challenging life skills within a controlled environment. I also love getting to experience the joy and sounds of campers cheering when they successfully overcome one of the obstacles. It is really amazing and sweet!

These triumphant moments and challenging opportunities exemplify how campers get to build community, work together and challenge themselves. Check out the photos from B-5 at the Challenge Course below and more activities from the day. Stay tuned for more photos tonight. 

P.S. In case you missed it on our Facebook page, check out this video showing a glimpse of Session IV shabbat!