Staff Spotlight

Department Spotlight: Arts & Crafts

Meet the fantastic Arts & Crafts team:


Alex, Akiva, Sophie (A&C Supervisor), Bea and Noa

Favorite Blocks To Lead

  • Nature Watercolor

    “I love when the kids get really inspired by the nature around them and base their art off of that. It’s awesome because we spend a lot of time enjoying ourselves here, but we don’t always stop to look around and appreciate the nature that surrounds us. Nature watercolor is an opportunity to do that.” – Alex

  • Shrinky-dinks

    “I love leading blocks where campers give and receive shrinky dinks to one another, especially because I love observing the exchange of ‘I love the colors you chose for me,’ and the overall process of imparting appreciation of beauty and intentionality to the campers.” – Noa

  • Bookmaking

    “I love bookmaking because the kids get to create something really tangible. Every bunk that has done it has been completely engaged and excited throughout the entirety of the block, and the books have all turned out beautifully.” – Bea

What We Love in the Studio

“I love the roaming creative energy of our space because it manifests itself in so many different ways. The energy is awesome and you can always feel it.” – Noa 

“My favorite thing is seeing multiple bunks doing blocks and watching my staff leading them. Everyone is really in the zone. Seeing my staff come into themselves as leaders brings me so much joy.” – Sophie 

Arts and Crafts has a very open and supportive feeling that I think really encourages people to look within themselves and create. I love how expansive our options are — we absolutely have something for everyone.” – Bea 


“A favorite moment was watching the Camper Talent Show from the back of the benches and seeing many kids wearing tie-dye, seeing them take something plain like a t-shirt and create something awesome at this place, and then have something that they can wear and take back into the world.” – Sophie 

“The highlight of my work is seeing kids get excited about something they’ve made… there’s no other feeling like it!” – Akiva 

“I love watching mobile-making because we pass by certain things all the time (like wildflowers and pinecones) that become repurposed as incredible sources of inspiration.” – Sophie 

Who’s up?

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Who’s on deck?

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