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Department Spotlight: Waterfront 2019

This year’s waterfront staff is comprised of five fun, creative and dependable lifeguards. Each brings a unique set of skills to the group, working to ensure that children are staying safe while enjoying their time at the pool, lake and river.


At the Pool, lifeguards lead a variety of blocks from pool Quidditch to aquatic jazzercise and games of water polo. Waterfront also watches over the lake, securing camper lifejackets and helping them on and off paddle boats and kayaks. Lifeguards also escort and monitor campers during river blocks as they swim in the beautiful Tuolumne River, enjoying the surrounding nature while participating in mikvahs (a Jewish ritual bath symbolizing rebirth and renewal).


Throughout the summer, lifeguards Elan and Kelly have gone above and beyond to create some wacky, unforgettable activities for campers. With the help of Jewish programmers Aaron, Michael and Zevi, waterfront has sparked campers excitement with new blocks like the Leviathan, a sea monster referenced in the Hebrew Bible and Pool-ach (Ruach Hour in the Pool).


The Leviathan block can only be described as a huge game of tag – campers attempt to capture the “Leviathan” played by a lifeguard covered in green paint. The sea monster jumps out of the nearby brush swimming speedily across the lake to escape from campers.


It is their innovation and creativity that has made this summer so memorable for the campers. Read on fore more from our amazing waterfront team!


What is your favorite block to lead as Waterfront staff?

My favorite block is the river. I think its a really great experience to see kids swimming in nature where they can explore and not just in a confined area like the pool. – Helen M.


One of my favorite blocks is watercolors at the river, a chugim I’ve been leading with Missy (another member of waterfront) this session. It’s really amazing to lead because you get to see campers reflect on nature and channel that into their art. – Miranda G.


I really like doing relay races at the pool. It brings out a competitive spirit and allows kids to experiment with all different types of swims and dances. It’s a great time! – Russell G.


I like jazzercise at the pool. You get to play music, dance around and be silly! It also gives kids a good opportunity to meet new people. They get broken up into groups with kids that they’re not necessarily super good friends with and it encourages them to be collaborative. – Elan V.K.


What do you love about the Pool? Any highlights from the summer?

Last session, it was really special to watch a camper break the mad milers record (an award given to the camper who swam the highest number of laps). I was really honored to make a plaque with their name and the 1,112 laps they swam! – Missy S.


Most of the time we get night blocks off so it allows us to lead crazy, random blocks with different campers. It allows me to connect with different groups of campers outside of just working at the pool. I had the opportunity to go all-out and help lead a pool noodle war with a whole unit, which was unbelievable! I’ve loved collaborating with Jewish programming and other departments around Camp. It has been an amazing experience! – Elan V.K.


My highlight has been the team we put together here on waterfront. We work great together and have lots of fun on the pool deck while kids are transitioning from activity to activity…but also we love the campers and they’re the highlight of our summer. – Russell G.


I would agree with Elan about the night blocks and getting to lead some super creative activities with campers. The Leviathan blocks with Jewish programming and all the other blocks we come up with have definitely been a highlight for me. – Kelly


I’ve loved being able to engage with campers of all ages, not just to our assigned unit. Realizing you can build a bond with bunks just in the span of one block is really special. – Miranda G.


A highlight for me this session has been leading mikvah blocks. Like Miranda said, it’s really special to to be able to connect to those kids on a personal level. – Helen M.


Any closing thoughts?

Russell is America’s Dad, and Tawonga’s Dad…and Aaron Mandel is the great grandpa. – all of Waterfront


Today’s gallery features photos from last night’s Carnival festivities and the pool during floats this afternoon. Stay tuned for tonight’s post covering the closing campfire put on by our amazing staff!

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