Ruach Hour at the Pool

This morning, all of Eilat participated in the first ever Ruach Hour in the Pool, jokingly named, “Pool-ach!” 


Ruach Hour is a unit program designed to teach campers about specific Jewish content and lessons. For the first time ever, counselors, lifeguards and Jewish programmers collaborated to hold this program at the Pool in a unique medley of Jewish education and water games. Primarily, campers participated in a series of fun pool challenges inspired by the story of Exodus. 


During the first challenge, campers sprinted across the Pool in an Egyptian vs. Israelite version of Sharks and Minnows. The counselors acted as the Egyptians blocking the Israelite campers from crossing the “Red Sea.” In another activity, campers had to construct a basket, like the one that carried baby Moses down the River Nile. The basket of pool floaties would support their counselor as they raced across the length of the Pool.


At the end of the block, the whole unit came together to reenact the Israelites escaping from slavery under the Pharaoh’s rule in Egypt. Counselors stood on the poolside rejoicing in dance to Miriam’s song while campers used kick boards to push the water, attempting to “part” the Red Sea. 


A counselor overheard a camper announce to their friends, “this was by far my favorite block this session!”


Mazel tov to a successful Pool-ach hour!


Today’s gallery features photos of campers during Pool-uach (mentioned above) and other activities all around Camp.