Element Olympics

It has been a colorful morning at Camp Tawonga!


Last night during the campfire, bunks were divided into four color teams that connect to different natural elements: green for earth, red for fire, blue for water and yellow for air.


This morning, campers awoke and suited up in their team colors for an all Camp program called “Element Olympics.” These Olympics are unlike the games held in a stadium and the winners aren’t awarded large trophies. The Element Olympics showcase the third rung of Tawonga’s Mission Tikkun Olam, a partnership with nature. Today’s program gave campers the opportunity to reflect on their ecological footprint and learn to care for the environment in a fun and creative way.


All of Camp gathered at the stage to open the games. Each team split off into rotations to participate in group challenges like Capture the Flag on the Field or a “litter” cleanup at the Pool. In addition, the GDP (Greater Department of Programming) educated campers on “the cycle of stuff” – the lifecycle of material goods. Teams discussed the ways we are often wasteful with our resources and how we can work to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” more frequently.


At the end of the program, campers reconvened at the Stage and worked together to defeat the climate change monsters with the points accumulated from their challenges. What a thought-provoking and exciting day to be a camper at Tawonga!


Feel the spirit of color wars in our image gallery below! Stay tuned for more photos of our amazing, energetic Session III campers in tonight’s post.