First Full Day of Camp!

Today was a wonderful first full day of Session B! After a successful first night, we watched campers’ confidence grow today as they began to bond with their bunks, learn the ropes around Camp and get started on some fun activities. 

A camper in G-9 shared, “Coming to Camp I was nervous because I didn’t know many people, but even after two days, I feel so bonded with my bunk!”

This morning during rotations, bunks toured around Camp to get familiar with their surroundings. They visited our brand-new Health Center, Arts and Crafts and the pool, learning about all the different programs and activities they will take part in this summer. Together, bunks discussed what activities they were interested in, and based on this input, counselors designed the first week’s schedules. We are hearing rumors of Dungeons and Dragons blocks, Hamilton drama games, and dodgeball with the maintenance crew! These scheduled activities start first thing tomorrow morning!

Later in the afternoon, units (bunks of similar-aged cabins) gathered to discuss “Camp T Community.” The culture at Tawonga is supportive and radically inclusive. Unit Heads led discussions about the importance of treating one another with respect and compassion to ensure we uphold this amazing cooperative community. Bunks then divided up for their first activities led by our talented staff specialists. Some groups headed down to the beautiful Tuolumne River, which runs through our property; others played drama games while others searched for frogs. 

Finally, we wrapped up the day with nighttime rituals. Each bunk follows its own nighttime ritual to wind down from our busy schedules at Tawonga. Many groups share their daily highs and lows and wishes (“rose, thorn and bud”), others sing or listen to a mellow bunk song, or play a calm game. We can’t wait to see these campers’ eager faces at breakfast tomorrow!